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calling card callsCATCH THE BUZZ… How PINLESS Dialing Works.

PINLESS Dialing...The fastest and most convenient way to use BuzzOut!

Sign Up Instructions

1). Login to your BuzzOut account via the Bs nest. If you do not have a BuzzOut account, Click here to sign up at

2). From your Bs Nest Control Panel, choose 'PINLESS Dialing.'

3). Register up to 10 phone numbers by entering the name and number in the spaces provided and follow the on screen instructions.

Setting up PINLESS Dialing is as easy as a-B-c.

Our FREE PINLESS Dialing feature lets you make calls from the phones you use the most without the need to enter additional digits.

Add the numbers where you will B, home, work, or cell numbers (or any numbers where you call from) and you will automatically receive a dialtone when you call a B-Hive number from these locations. ... it B that easy.

Not yet a BuzzOut customer? Click here to sign up at

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